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Brief Description of your Business?

"My business offers multiple Permanent Makeup Services, specialising in Brows and Lips. We have a training Academy here at Love Talya, ranging from Full Beginners Permanent Makeup Courses, & Masterclasses.

Love Talya has been established 5 years.

I originally worked doing brow makeup say beauty shows aged 16, which is where I first fell in love with eyebrows. After many years after, working for MAC makeup, I took my first step into the Permanent Makeup world, training in microblading."

Love Tayla PMU


How did you hear about Cosmedic Lasers?

"I heard of Cosmedic Supplies 5 years ago, after having followed their Instagram page & later being approached as an Elite Tech.

I wanted to invest and offer laser as I had been declining a large number of potential clients, due to having past pigment. I noticed a gap in the market in my current area as Laser wasn’t an option. I chose Cosmedic Supplies as I have trusted both Georgie and Harry throughout my career. They’re products available that I use for my Permanent Makeup business are the best in the industry, so I knew I had to trust them for their new laser machine."


How have things gone since training?

"Since training we have been lucky enough to see revenue of up to £900 a week, we’ve seen lots a new clients which in the past we’ve had to turn away due to over saturated brows so not only are we able to make profit on a new treatment but we’re also able to take on more clients who in the past were unsuitable for PMU.
It feels great to be able to offer everything under one roof finally!
It also elevated the awkwardness of having to turn clients away on the day of treatment!"


How was the training ?

"Since training, my colleague Abbie has been busy cracking on with Laser tattoo removal for both body and PMU. She has been loving how quick the results are, and how satisfying it is to do. It is a great option to have on our treatment list, as anybody who I have declined, can now go to Abbie to get their old tattooing removed! This has generated more sales for me, enabling me to re-do their brows.

We have had a vast number of people wanting to start fresh, disliking their old tattooing for both PMU and body. Some people have taken more convincing to he them to remove as they prefer having rubbish brows to no brows, or they would like to wait until after Summer. But overall, it has been a great treatment which goes hand in hand with my business.

The training with Georgie was precise and clear. We both had such a fun day working on the models, testing out the different lenses and picturing the results.

The treatment is super super easy once you know all the correct lenses and features on the machine. It is actually extremely satisfying to do!

By adding this surface, it has really helped pay off majority of my rent whilst being in Dubai!"



Would you recommend Cosmedic Lasers & why ?

"I have been sending anyone who has asked me where I trained for laser to Cosmedic supplies as it is the best training on the market. Georgie’s knowledge is phenomenal and super informative."


Thank you to Tayla for taking part in our "Training Reviews"

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