Training Review - Sarah Sessions PMU

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Brief Description of your Business?

"I made the jump from industrial design engineer to the beauty industry in 2013. I realised pretty quickly that I wasn’t cut out for corporate world, I was devastated but I knew I couldn’t work the rest of my life being that unhappy. So I decided to follow my dreams of owning a successful salon, where I could be creative & make people feel good every day. Fast forward 10 years, 5 locations & a name change later Sarah Sessions PMU is an established studio."


How did you hear about Cosmedic Lasers?

"Offering laser is an obvious move if you currently tattoo in any form, it offers piece of mind for technician and client alike.
I had searched for the better part of two years to find a company I trusted, most companies I spoke to had off putting sales techniques or ridiculous price tags. Investing such a sum of money really requires you to trust the company! So when Cosmedic Supplies announced they were branching out I was quick to commit, I’ve used Cosmedic Supplies for years now & their commitment to customers is unmatched, customer service is 10/10 & there’s many products of theirs I have highly recommended to students over the years."



How have things gone since training?

"Since training we have been lucky enough to see revenue of up to £900 a week, we’ve seen lots a new clients which in the past we’ve had to turn away due to over saturated brows so not only are we able to make profit on a new treatment but we’re also able to take on more clients who in the past were unsuitable for PMU.
It feels great to be able to offer everything under one roof finally!
It also elevated the awkwardness of having to turn clients away on the day of treatment!"


How was the training ?

"The idea of training was nerve wracking, like all new treatment trainings in this business the responsibility of handling powerful equipment & someone’s face was very daunting but on arrival our nerves were instantly deadened by the intimate class size and general good vibe! We had a great time & the location was easy to access for us. Surprisingly the treatment is easier to carry out than we had thought & using your knowledge of skin & colour theory it becomes second nature quickly."


Would you recommend Cosmedic Lasers & why ?

"I would highly recommend Cosmedic Lasers! The machine is beautiful & sleek, it looks amazing with our clinic aesthetic & more important it works a dream on PMU, the results we are seeing are nothing short of a miracle. Putting your faith in a company for an investment this big is scary however for us it’s been a wonderful experience, we are really grateful! Thank you Cosmedic Lasers 🖤"


Thank you to Sarah for taking part in our "Training Reviews"

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